The Power of the Placebo

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When I was younger, and my parents would have to go out of town for business trips. They would leave us with a babysitter with “magic pills” that would keep us from being scared and missing them. We later found out the “magic pills” were actually candy and certainly not magic. Regardless, the “pills” made us feel safe and secure until they returned home. This effect is called “the placebo effect.”

A placebo is an inactive treatment, whether it be a pill, or shot, or other type of treatment that contains no substance meant to affect your health. Placebo is often times used in clinical research trials as well.

Placebo is used in many studies because it can help researchers to see how a new medical treatment compares to having no treatment at all in patients with the same medical condition. The placebo participants still receive the same attention from medical staff, but are essentially given what’s sometimes deemed a sugar pill. These participant’s sometimes experience the placebo effect in research studies which is then compared to the effect that the active medication has on the non-placebo patients. This helps researchers know how we the active medication actually works!.

Study participants are always informed whenever receiving a placebo is possible in a study before they agree to participate. Participants typically don’t know which treatment they are receiving in order to protect against any bias during the study. While subjects taking the placebo will not receive any medicinal benefits from participating in the study, all of the other benefits such as close medical attention, helping to advance medical science and compensation for time and travel will remain.

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