The Many Potential Benefits of Clinical Trials

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Most people outside of the medical community know very little about how clinical trials help make new medical treatments available to the public. Prior to a new treatment making into the hands of those who need it, several stages of clinical trials must be completed successfully. Participants in clinical trials are an important part of the clinical testing process, as they help test the efficacy and safety of newly developed treatments.

Participants of clinical trials can receive many potential benefits. In addition to being an important part of advancing medical science and helping our community, participants in clinical trials often receive thorough and frequent care from medical professionals at no cost and no insurance is needed. For those struggling to manage costs associated with a medical condition, a research study may be a great option.

Another possible benefit of participating in a research study is the opportunity to potentially gain access to a new treatment before the general public. Most study visits last an hour or more, so participants are also able to learn more about their condition, taking a more active role in their own medical decisions and treatments.

Last and certainly not least, research participants often receive compensation for their time and effort while participating in a study.
Volunteers of clinical trials are often concerned about their safety while participating in a study. Volunteers should know that research scientists, study doctors, the FDA and third-party ethics committees all work together to help keep volunteers safe, and safety is the top priority of any clinical trial. Close monitoring of the participants well-being and study-related care provided by study doctors and other healthcare professionals also help ensure safety.

Additionally, volunteers will be fully informed of any potential risks and benefits of participating, so they can feel comfortable with their decision to volunteer. Participants can always choose to stop participating at any time for any reason. Institutional review boards (IRBs), the FDA and the Office of Human Subjects Research Protection are all agencies that monitor a study’s ethics, safety and the participants’ rights.

So if you are ready to help advance medical research and gain access to all of these potential benefits, a variety of research studies are now enrolling in the Miami area.

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